If there's anything that you should know about me, it's that i LOVE to Iaugh a lot and out loud, LOVE to be different than others, LOVE anything beautiful, and LOVE to eat. but can not cook, except for one killer and delicious bowl of hot noodle.

I’d go insane without photography, film, music, and my soulmate -babybear-. as you can read on one of my posting, i always found humor in anything comes in my life, i'm still working on it.

I was falling in love with photography since forever I could remember. I used to take pictures with loaned camera. From a friend’s, my office’s, or even my soulmate’s. The enjoyment of taking pictures is intoxicating. On 2007, my dad gave me my first DSLR, a Nikon D80, and that’s when I got passionate about taking photos.

I was born on 81, a youngest child of two, a true Gemini, and I spent grew up in various different cities due to my dad’s career. Having that much change in one's life as a kid is not necessarily the best way to grow up, but it did make me hyperaware of behavior. Having a camera was a great way to deal with it all.

After I got my DSLR, I spent my time took photos of my friends as much as possible. But it was when I took my first photography course, I started to get serious. Instead a photographer, I preferred getting jobs as a brand associate and spent my casual time taking any photography jobs I like. After spent time taking pictures of various objects, I soon began to focus my photography on weddings, people, lifestyle, and families.

Even though I am not a formal photographer in papers, I get to work in different environments all the time and I revel in the experience of meeting lots of character when I take photos.

Years into shooting I see the world for all its beauty and humor and I love making the world a little more fun, pretty and inviting. I like to imagine bubble soap flying while kids are licking lolli pop, or the sun setting, while a couple is smooching.

Even though black is my color of everything (from clothes, to furniture, to bedding, to coats, to shoes, to my bedroom wall painting)… I am always attracted to the bright side and the colorful. Over the years I have built a base of clients who hire me because I work well with my subjects and because I always come up with happy, different, spontaneous, energetic, and whimsical photographs.

I have never tired of taking photos. Never. There is nothing else in my life that is as fun or as fulfilling as picking up one of my cameras and taking photos.

enjoy your browsing here !

for dropping by, please accept my warmest kiss.

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