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chase jarvis, bold and brilliant commercial frosk by a chameleon gorgeous girl jinky art, colorful childhood in colorful pallettes jessica claire, photography with sharp color as storyline
xxxxxxxchase jarvisxxxxxxxxxxxxx frosk dot orgxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxjinky art xxxxxxxxxxxxxxjessica claire

stephanie rausser, magnificent editor work andy bell... weird, distinctive... beautiful lisa bettany, sharp photo with magnificent colorings smallest photo, simple but bold equipment and result
xxxxstephanie rausserxxxxxxxxxxxxxandy bell xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxlisa bettany xxxxxxxxsmallest photo

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karen cheng, a wife and a mother of three raditya dika, a comedian aka writer aka actor (CAUTION: indonesian languange blog) angela leow grey, simple but gorgeous sports enthusiast lisa bettany, a model who turn to be photographer and gadget freak
xxxxxxx karen chengxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxraditya dika xxxxxxxxxxxangela leow grey xxxxxxxxlisa bettany blog

barb uil, where you could find other beauty than jinkyart leonny tells us what it's like to be happy with everyday things the sartorialist, where fashion wants to meet with reality hype your day reading online style magazine with Gala Darling
xxxxxxxx xxbarb uilxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  l e o n n y xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxthe sartorialist xxxxxxxxxxxgala darling

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